Air Conditioning


When your house heats up and you can’t cool it down, it’s time to call us for some Superior service. Your air conditioning unit can develop all kinds of problems that can interfere with your comfort, but our quick-response, professional service technicians will diagnose and repair your system in no time. We can also install a new, energy-efficient system, if that’s what you need. Pick up the phone and give us a call at 484-235-0298, so we can discuss the best air conditioning repair solution for you.


We can service all makes and models of whole-house air conditioning units, so if things are heating up at your place, give us a call. You might be surprised at how cost-effective it is to replace an older, clunky system with a brand new, energy efficient unit that will save you big bucks every time you turn it on. As an added bonus, most of the newer systems are quieter than the old ones, delivering clean, cool air without keeping you up at night.


Our highly trained, Superior service techs can repair your older air conditioning system, turning down the heat and providing you with a cooling flow of air that will keep you comfortable no matter how hot it gets outside. If your system is struggling to keep the temperature down and you can’t keep your house the way you like it, give us a call for prompt, courteous service.


Schedule a regular annual checkup for your air conditioner before you run into problems. Our Superior technicians will come out and carefully inspect your system, catching little problems and stopping them before they turn into big, costly events. Our techs will also perform routine maintenance, such as cleaning your AC filters, to keep your system performing its best and helping it to cool your space with ease. The off season is the best time to have you unit checked, but feel free to call us anytime at 484-235-0298. You’ll be very glad you did. Need heat pump repair services? We do that, too.

Thanks to Superior Energy, our emergency outage was fixed quickly – very happy!
Diana Chon - Blue Bell, PA