Heat Pumps

You depend on your heat pump to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer by moving the heat out when it’s hot and in when it’s cold. When it’s working right, a heat pump is an affordable and efficient way to stay comfortable, but because you depend on it for all seasons, if something goes wrong there’s no delaying heat pump repairs. Call us at 484-235-0298 for a quick response and superior service from our factory-trained technicians.

Service and Repairs

We handle all types of heat pumps, and can service and repair both residential and commercial systems. Our techs are radio-dispatched to your location and will provide you with the quickest possible service at a very reasonable price. You’ll know what to expect before you get the bill, with no hidden overtime costs or other charges tacked on the way some other companies do. Our techs let you know in advance if you’re having a condenser problem or if the trouble is your air handler, the refrigerant lines, or another part of your system. Repairs are made with superior-quality parts to make sure your heat pump not only gets up and running right away, but also to insure that it stays that way.


The best way to keep your heat pump running reliably is by having our certified technicians perform an equipment check and annual maintenance on your equipment. You wouldn’t expect your car to run forever without water, oil, and the occasional replaced belt or hose, and the same is true of your heat pump. Our superior techs will check out your system, perform any necessary servicing, and catch potential problems before they cause equipment failure.

New Equipment

If you’ve got an old heat pump in place and you want to upgrade, or if you’d like to install a heat pump for the first time, we can help you to select the best unit for your needs. Replacing an old, inefficient heat pump can save you lots of cash on your electric bill, since the newer units are much more efficient. Give us as call at 484-235-0298 and we’ll come out to your place and give you a free, no obligation quote. See what installing a new heat pump can do for you. We can usually set up your installation quickly, so you’ll be enjoying your new heat pump in no time.

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Thanks to Superior Energy, our emergency outage was fixed quickly – very happy!
Diana Chon - Blue Bell, PA