System maintenance is essentialWhen they’re running right, you probably hardly even notice your heating and cooling systems, but have a breakdown and suddenly they’re the only thing on your mind. Naturally, breakdowns always seem to occur at the worst possible times, with air conditioning giving out in the middle of a heat wave and heaters putting out nothing more than tepid air during a cold snap. Instead of waiting for your systems to fail and then tending to them, consider getting set up with routine maintenance for your heater, air conditioner, and all the related components. It costs less than you think, and it can provide you with peace of mind. To schedule an appointment, call Superior Energy at 484-235-0298.

Ductwork Ducts need to be kept clean

We’ll keep your indoor air quality pure and wholesome by cleaning your intake and outflow ducts. Regular ductwork maintenance minimizes the number of pollutants you’re breathing and can be a significant benefit to everyone, but it’s especially important for people with allergies and asthma. Our techs will not only remove sources of air pollution in your ducts, such as dust, mildew, and cobwebs, they’ll also check the integrity of your system. Leaky ducts can cost you money by draining off your hot or cold air and by reducing your airflow so that it’s a struggle to stay comfortable. If you have any problems with your ductwork, we can fix it on the spot.


Your thermostats typically don’t require much, if any, maintenance, but our techs will check them for you to make sure that yours are operating properly. Inaccurate thermostats can cost you money by forcing your heating or cooling system to work too hard. We can adjust or replace any thermostats that aren’t working right so that your climate control system operates at peak efficiency.



If you depend on a boiler for your heating needs, it’s essential to have it inspected and maintained on a regular basis. A defective boiler is not only inefficient, it is also very dangerous. Our certified Superior technicians will inspect your boiler for safety as well as for proper flow and function, performing any necessary maintenance at the same time. A boiler inspection also includes a check of all the related pipes and heating systems to provide you with complete peace of mind. Don’t risk boiler leaks or an explosion; call Superior Energy today at 484-235-0298 to schedule your appointment.

Heater and Air Conditioner

Get your heating and air conditioning units inspected and maintained at least once a year. Our techs will check all moving parts, replace or clean filters, inspect hoses and perform any maintenance your unit requires. Keep everything running smoothly and help to prevent problems by getting your systems inspected and maintained every year. Trust Superior Energy for your heat pump repair and air conditioning repair needs.

Thanks to Superior Energy, our emergency outage was fixed quickly – very happy!
Diana Chon - Blue Bell, PA